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13 Things to Know About Hawai’i

1.Shaka is a real thing, bruh 2.The Hawaiian people have an unabashed love of crazy-long words and apostrophes. Sometimes, apostrophes at the beginning of a word. What’s it doing there at the beginning? I have no idea. 3.Disproportionate number of blonde people (*Not pictured, because I didn’t want to be […]


Why I Don’t #NaNoWriMo

When national novel writing month rolls around every year, my social media streams flood with posts about writing sprints, last minute-scrambles, how fast fingers are flying on keyboards, calls to meet over coffee. I’ve never done NaNo. Never had any interest in doing it.

beastie boys remixes - Afro Samurai

Beastie Boys Remixes: Hot Sauce Committee

Beastie Boys Remixes, Part 2   I know you’ve already listened to my first collection of Beastie Boys remixes. Remixing music can sometimes be a greater challenge than creating original music, because there’s less flexibility with the material. That’s what makes it so fun for me. Here are some more […]

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