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Jim Heskett is the author of the novel Reagan's Ashes, the Five Suns Saga, The Whistleblower Trilogy, as well as some short stories & collections. I've also traveled the world, podcast about being an indie author, and make music.

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Why Reviews Matter

Why Book Reviews Matter for Indie Authors As an Indie Author, my books live and die based on whether or not the readers like them and the word of mouth generated. I don’t have the marketing arm of a publishing company behind me to buy my way onto a display […]

Indie Author Answers #13: Too Many Drafts

Hey, Sup. How you doin. No tip of the week this week because we have a long chapter to critique, so let’s drive in to this piece. The Problematic Virtue critique, chapter 14: 14: Brian   Brian skulked through the tall grass at the edge of a valley in Rocky […]

Indie Author Answers #12: Internal and External Character Arcs

Tip of the week: Trello: A project management tool to help you keep all of your writing and publication tasks in check. And it’s free, so do yourself a favor. Also, a rant/ramble about how to choose your next project to work on, and the value of creating a great […]

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