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How Amazon Can Fix KDP Select

Look, Amazon. I’m here to Fix KDP Select. It’s hella broken. So Ima be straight with you. A couple months ago, I wrote a post explaining how you could improve KDP. My suggestions were mostly based on improving the dashboard, notifications, and making permafree easier to manage. You chose to ignore […]

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6 Questions with Author Jean Joachim

  Tell us about your current book/project I’m writing a series of football romances called First & Ten. The first two have been published. The third one is in pre-order and will be released on June 19. Each book is about a man who plays a different position. So far […]

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Goodreads Dos and Don’ts: A Guide for Authors

Dear authors: please, for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, stop spamming readers on Goodreads. Goodreads is a social network specifically for readers, but it’s not the only place to chat about books. There’s LibraryThing. And Shelfari. And Facebook has umpteen million groups about everything from Vonnegut to vaginal […]

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