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Poem: Mex

MEX   Gently she lay Across my bed Stretching out limbs As opposite poles   Sometimes she will lay Contentedly, sometimes She finds it difficult To be at rest   As she moves, she Leaves thin, silky Strands of soft White hair in her wake   Occasionally, she will Pry […]


6 Questions with Author Bryan Cohen

Tell us about your current book/project I just finished a prequel to my YA sci-fi/fantasy series Ted Saves the World called The Soul Choice. Once you’ve created a world, it’s so fun to attack it from a different angle. It allows you to see the entire story in a completely […]


6 Questions with Audiobook Narrator Kate Fisher

Kate Fisher, who narrated the audiobook version of my novel Reagan’s Ashes, and I recently sat down to talk about narration, getting in character, and greyhounds’ pointy heads. You don’t want to miss out on this:

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