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On Epigraphs and Copyright

On this, the release day for the Five Suns Saga Omnibus Edition, I wanted to share a little story about epigraphs. Those are those quotes you see at the beginnings of books, quite often song lyrics. I desperately wanted to include an epigraph in the Five Suns books. I had […]

Airbag Scars Final-Small

Announcing the novel AIRBAG SCARS

It’s that time again. I know it seems like it’s happened a lot lately, but this one is big. It’s a project I’ve been researching and writing for a good chunk of 2015. The new novelĀ is AIRBAG SCARS, and it’s the first in a new series about former Mexican drug […]

Poem: Mex

MEX   Gently she lay Across my bed Stretching out limbs As opposite poles   Sometimes she will lay Contentedly, sometimes She finds it difficult To be at rest   As she moves, she Leaves thin, silky Strands of soft White hair in her wake   Occasionally, she will Pry […]

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