Jim Heskett is the author of the Five Suns Saga, as well as the short story collection ABANDONED, and the upcoming Reagan's Ashes and The Texas Trilogy. I've also traveled the world, blog about various things, and make music.
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dumbing down

True Blood Storytelling Lesson 2: Dumbing Down

Dumbing Down for Readers: a True Blood Cautionary Tale (check out part 1 of this series. And, spoilers below.) In True Blood, Season 7 episode 9, “To Love Is to Die,” there’s a sequence that describes the heartfelt goodbye when Sam leaves Louisiana. But the writers missed the mark when they dumbed down the joke for the viewers. Lemme explain. Excerpts from the True Blood wiki describing the scenes: They […]


Books by Jim Heskett Are Now Live!

  Well, I did it, pulled the trigger on two projects I’ve been working on, and they’re now live in the Amazon store for your perusal. Let me take you on a journey of what we’ve got:   ABANDONED: Three Short Stories   ABANDONED tells three tales of people lost and trying to find their way. The journey from here to there isn’t ever as straight and obvious as it […]

Dawn Reno Langley

6 Questions with Author Dawn Reno Langley

Tell us about your current book/project I’m currently working on several projects:  a novel called ‘Elephants for Danny’ about a female veterinarian who loses her son in a tragic school shooting and finds herself still hounded by the media a year later, so she escapes to Thailand to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary.  Next is a series of creative nonfiction pieces tying my travel adventures with major life movements.  And, […]

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