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Jim Heskett is the author of the novel Reagan's Ashes, the Five Suns Saga, The Whistleblower Trilogy, as well as some short stories & collections. I've also traveled the world, podcast about being an indie author, and make music.

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Clothes Make the Man: A Mad Men Finale Analysis

Spoilers, obviously… Mad Men came to a close last night, and the long-anticipated Don Draper death did not happen. I suspected it wouldn’t happen, since it was so long anticipated. There’s something satisfying about predictability, but it’s also so boring. A good story ending will be unexpected, yet inevitable. It’s […]


The Internet is for Getting Mad

There seems to be a growing trend where the internet has become a place where we go to get mad about stuff. I didn’t have a voice for my perspective on this phenomenon until recently, when this brilliant commentary article from comedian Jim Norton came in response to the outrage […]


Announcing Stories to Read While Driving!

Ladies and gentlemen, once again, I bring you great tidings of joy. I’m pleased to announce the release of STORIES TO READ WHILE DRIVING: KILL THE KING AND OTHER TALES A collection of nine short stories to be released in eBook, Paperback, and (someday soon) Audiobook versions. And here is […]

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