Jim Heskett is the author of the upcoming novel Reagan's Ashes, the Five Suns Saga, as well as the short story collection ABANDONED, Kill The King, and The Texas Trilogy. I've also traveled the world, blog about various things, and make music.
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Read Young Adult Books

Why It’s Okay to Read Young Adult Books

Want to read young adult books, but you’re not a young adult? It’s okay. Read what you want. Fresh off this article about how YA books are on the rise and might have saved publishing, let’s talk about the literary stigma still attached to YA and why that’s bullshit. The […]


New Short Story: Kill the King

Kill the King by Jim Heskett While I have a bit of time to kill (get it?) waiting for my cover artist to finish the design on my novel, here’s something to read until I can release Reagan’s Ashes:   A new short story! And now for your obligatory cover […]

ruining suspense

True Blood Storytelling Lesson 3: Ruining Suspense

Ruining Suspense: A True Blood Lesson in What Not to Do Series finale spoilers below.   True Blood Season 7, Episode 10, “Thank you”: one of the main conflicts of the season is Eric vs. Mr. Gus, and the writers resolve this in the opening minutes of the finale. It […]

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