Do you juggle?

Would you consider yourself to be a juggling author? That is, do you never have enough time to write?

Check this out:

You’ve worked eight grueling hours at the day job, walked the dog, done the dishes, and put the little ones to bed. How do you still complete your writer to-do list after all that?

It might seem like there’s never enough time, but you CAN find a way to create. You can publish regularly while balancing all those other tasks in your life.
Jim Heskett publishes hundreds of thousands of words of fiction every year while maintaining a day job, family, and friends.
Want to know my secret?
I’ll show you:
  • How to write fast and stick to a schedule
  • How to prioritize all your tasks to regularly push your words out the door
  • How to create time out of nothing so you can write
Stop beating yourself up for not accomplishing your writing goals. Take control of your life and learn how to be a Juggling Author!

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