Where Did the Travel Posts Go?

Hi friends.

This website used to function as a soup for all things Jim Heskett. Blog posts and pages about writing, my music, off-topic rants, book and movie reviews, and years and years worth of travel blogging.

If you know me, you know I’ve lived in various places and have traveled all over the world, and I used to blog about that and my affinity for U.S. National Parks. Hundreds of posts about touristy travel and hiking all over the world.

Well, I’m making a change.

In order to focus jimheskett.com more on the future (which is my fiction), I separated out some things. All of those writing posts now live over at my non-fiction site, www.thejugglingauthor.com.

But, the main thing is that all of those travel blog posts have gone away. Don’t worry, they’re not deleted. They just live in their original home, the travel blog I started many years ago. You can still access all of it from the travel hub on this site, or you can go to the blog directly and follow it there, if’n that’s something you might be interested in.

So, if there are no travel posts, what will there be here?

Good question. Jimheskett.com will focus on my fiction, mainly. You will still (unless I change my mind, which I am wont to do) find posts about movie and book reviews, and maybe the occasional rant. But, the blog here will be about giveaways I’m running, book cover reveals, FAQs about my books, my random musings about my stories, and a whole lot of other stuff all related to that.

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