It’s Time For more Micah Reed!

You’ve been waiting since January of this year, and it’s been a long ten months. But your long wait is over!

Micah Reed Book #7, SHOCK COLLAR, is finally here!

This book starts out with a BANG. In the first chapter, a dog walk goes horribly awry, ending in bloodshed. And you won’t believe where it goes from there!

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shock collar


Want to know a little more? Here’s the official product description:

Micah’s friend lies in a puddle of blood. The killers flee in an unmarked van. Why did they kidnap the dog?

While on a dog walk, three masked gunmen killed Micah’s best friend. He can’t help but blame himself. How far will he go to achieve justice for his slain friend?

As he sets out to uncover their identities, they’re also hunting him. Who are they? What is their angle? Micah uncovers a clue about something sinister going down in a few days. A big score with a bloody intent.

Can Micah foil their designs before they can find him and erase him from the earth?

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