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Blood Thief
Series: Micah Reed, Book 3
Genre: Thriller
Tag: Thriller-Category
Publisher: Royal Arch Books
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780692673287
Will helping this damsel in distress be Micah's undoing?
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About the Book

Micah Reed has always been a sucker for a pretty face. When his shy neighbor Daisy shows up with a black eye, he’s damn sure going to help her. He investigates her boyfriend, a man she last saw counting piles of unexplained cash. As Micah chases murky clues to uncover where all that money came from, he soon realizes the situation runs a lot deeper than a few illicit Benjamins.

Meanwhile, Micah’s still holding tight to his own secret: his true identity. But somehow, a blogger has unearthed the dirt on Micah and threatens to expose him online. As the blogger inches closer and closer to revealing Micah’s secret past, Micah has to make a stand. Either find a way to stop it, or allow the lives of everyone he loves to collapse in the aftermath.

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