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Both Ends Burning
Series: Whistleblower Trilogy, Book 3
Genre: Thriller
Tags: Amazon Exclusive, Has Audiobook Version, Thriller-Category
Publisher: Royal Arch Books
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780692413067
If Candle doesn't expose the company by uncovering their secret, no one will make it out alive.
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A month ago, the stranger at the bar warned Candle that involving himself in the company’s dealings was going to lead him on the path to ruin. Only now does Candle understand the depth of that statement.

For every move he makes to uncover the truth, the company counters. They spread lies and send men to kill him. They target his family and try to frame him for murder. This company harbors a terrible secret, and they’ll commit heinous acts to keep it under wraps.

He doesn’t know who’s on his side, and with all the players involved, anyone could be dangerous. But Candle knows one thing for sure: if he wants to secure permanent safety for his wife and unborn child, he’s going to have to solve the riddle and expose the company, no matter what it costs.

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