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Sallow City
Series: Micah Reed, Book 2
Genre: Thriller
Tag: Thriller-Category
ISBN: 9780692617274
A body mysteriously appears in a morgue, and it looks exactly like Micah Reed
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About the Book

There’s a body in the morgue that looks exactly like Micah Reed. Same hair, same face, same eyes. But it can’t be him, right? And, if it’s not, how did this stranger who appears identical to Micah end up in a body bag?

Micah’s boss Frank boards a flight to Michigan to solve the puzzle and uncover the true story behind this mysterious corpse. Knocking on doors, rattling cages… an old-school gumshoe kind of investigation. At least, that’s the plan.

But everything goes wrong when the top layer of deceit peels back. Instead of explanations, he finds something larger, deeper, and infinitely more dangerous.

The crosshairs land on him because of what he knows. If he can’t make it out alive, the identity of the doppelgänger in the morgue won’t matter much anymore.

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