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Series: Micah Reed, Book 4
Genre: Thriller
Tag: Thriller-Category
ISBN: 9780692718612
Find out how Micah Reed became Micah Reed
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About the Book

Before Micah Reed was Micah Reed…


Mike is not what you’d call a good guy. He works for drug dealers. He does things he’s not proud of and his life is one dangerous encounter after another.


One unlucky night, a deadly and cathartic experience gives him a new outlook and a chance at a new life. To start over somewhere else, with the clean slate of a new identity.  But he’ll have to take down an entire criminal drug enterprise to make it work. He’ll have exactly one chance to succeed, or he’s going to die trying.


This pulse-pounding Micah Reed thriller takes you back to our hero’s origins and solves many of the series’ lingering mysteries. How did Micah Reed become Micah Reed?

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