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Stone Deep
Series: Micah Reed, Book 5
Genre: Thriller
Tag: Thriller-Category
ISBN: 9780983437925
Micah confronts a threat that's a little too close to home
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About the Book

Micah Reed has been pretending to be someone else for years. When a trap threatens to ruin his brother’s family, Micah’s going to have to adopt a new persona, yet again. He’ll go deep undercover in a drug and alcohol treatment center to earn the trust of a dangerous man. A man who might be in possession of a lethal biological weapon. If Micah can’t get close enough to find out where it is and who this man is going to sell it to, thousands could perish during a horrific outbreak.

But it’s not just his target Micah has to worry about. In the opulent mansion of Cornerstone Treatment Center, everything appears to be flawless and picturesque. But malice lurks under the surface. People whisper that Micah may not be who he says he is. And if Micah’s secret identity unravels, his chance at stopping the biological agent and helping his brother will slip from his grasp.

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