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The Legend of Kareem
Series: Whistleblower Trilogy, Book 2
Genre: Thriller
Tags: Amazon Exclusive, Has Audiobook Version, Thriller-Category
Publisher: Royal Arch Books
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780692413043
Candle must rush to Texas to save the life of a man he doesn't know, or his family will become targets.
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Candle thought it was over. Back to the status quo. That’s why, when a letter appears in his mailbox from someone he thought was dead, he’s dragged back into the middle of the whole mess.

He’ll have to scurry down to Texas to save the life of a man he doesn’t even know, because if he doesn’t, his wife and unborn child will again become targets.

The mystery spurring his quest grows deeper because everyone involved seems to be wearing a false face. And his supposedly-benevolent employers keep pushing him further and further from the truth. Their ulterior motives have to be at the heart of this mess, but can Candle find out why?

The clock ticks mercilessly on as he hurries toward the Mexican border, all while trying to puzzle the reasons why he’s been singled-out, and what’s driving all this death and destruction.


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